Секс Чат Сергиев Посад

Эротические Знакомства Онлайн

The Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius is the most important Russian monastery and the spiritual centre of the Russian Orthodox Church. The monastery is situated in the town of Sergiyev Posad, about 70 km to the north-east from Moscow by the road leading to Yaroslavl, and currently is home to over 300 monks.
The Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra is the largest monastery of the Russian Orthodox Church with a long history. Located in the center of Sergiev Posad, Moscow region, on the river Konchure. Has the status of a stauropegic. (Wikipedia)
The first time I was in Sergiev Posad accidentally. It so happened that I was in Moscow and I was going to go back to Kostroma (this is a city where I live and It's located in 350 km from Moscow). One my friend was in Moscow too and he offered me to go to Kostroma with him on his car. I do not remember why I was in the capital, but I remember that before I was picked up somewhere on the outskirts of Moscow, I was pretty tired, and I was happy that I could flop down on the seat of a car and relax. Before the meeting I bought a bottle of brandy in the store. As I remember now, the brand "Nakhimov." With a black label.
There were three of us in the car. I, my friend and driver. Looking forward to a 5-6 hour trip home, I, without a long time thinking, took out cognac. The machine was filled with fragrance, and the driver began to drive with his nose... But nothing shone on him.
"Nakhimov" warmed my soul and body, the car raced along the Yaroslavl highway. The driver said that you need to go to Sergiev-Posad for ten minutes. And, it seems, he said: "... In Zagorsk." There were no objections from our side.
And now a lap to Sergiev-Posad and before me a view of the Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra opened! Somewhere in the subconscious I knew what it was and where it was, but the reality turned out to be so bright that I even demanded to stop the car, that a little look at this unique monastery and in general, a historical place. So I was the first time near the walls of the laurels.
At that time and the driver had some business, and it was already quite dark that I would visit the laurels, but the desire to visit there originated and became fixed. Only a small excuse or opportunity was needed.
And this opportunity presented itself to me. My friend went to Moscow to pick up a brand-new car at the car dealership. He offered to go with him for the company, so it was not so scary with a lot of cash in the bag, and in general, together more fun.
So I was inside the monastery.