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An AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbot is a computer program that simulates a human chatting with other humans. With the TANU (Transplantable Artificial Neurological Units) architecture you can create, train and deploy your AI chatbot to ANY IRC or non-IRC chat network. That means ANYWERE you chat you can bring your TANU chatbot.
Your bot's are as smart as you train them to be and you can bring them anywhere you chat. Or chat with one solo using this open source application. TANU is an architecture with a service for hosting AI chatbots. You are welcome to modify this application to bind your TANU chatbot to your favorite place to chat. You can chat with other people's chatbots by visiting our IRC network (you will need the latest mIRC installed ) or by finding TANU compliant bots in chat rooms all over the web. Once on the network /join tanu or /join ai or /list for a list of all chat rooms. This website is dedicated to AI and full of AI chatbots, trainers, AI discussion, etc. Not all of the chatbots here are TANU but most are as TANU bots can be easily transplanted into a neptune chat room with the built in TANU Stork services. Here is a tutorial on that. If you chat a lot, chances are you have already conversed with a TANU (Transplantable Artificial Neurological Units) chatbot. If you follow this tutorial you can create your own TANU bot to chat with. The online trainer's library has more info on this. Feel free to stop by our network anytime ( chatting in requires the latest mIRC installed)
AI chatbot architectures prior to TANU (Transplantable Artificial Neurological Units) start out semi-smart and grow less intelligent as they pick up information from human chatters. Particularly, when humans deliberately speak garbage to AI chatbots. This is not altogether the human's fault, humans often speak meaningless sounds to babies such as "peek-o-booo" or "googoo-gaagaa" etc. The human babies don't grow stupid from it. Why? Because human minds are not all environment, rather DNA. In one abstraction, we are all products of our DNA and our environment has no effect on us. For example, Billy punches Joe in the arm "making Joe tougher" could be abstracted as Billy's bully genetics that he inherited from his ancestors merged with Joe's malleability that he inherited form his ancestors. Why not skip the whole growing up and letting Billy punch Joe in the arm? The TANU philosophy proves that the new post-punched Joe personality can be obtained by merging Billy's genetics with Joe's genetics.
Yes. However, the pool of genetic maps that make our state of mind at any point in time is a much larger set of inputs, the genetic codes for billions of living things effect who we are at any given point in time.
The TANU architecture provides a shortcut or gateway to spawning new digital life. The strategy is to train your AI chatbot with just the states and transitions that it is likely to go through. The average human only goes through about 70,000 important states in a 5 year span. So create 70,000 states properly interconnected with transitions and you have a smart chatbot.
If you and 9 friends create an link (via transitions) about 100 states an hour Monday-Friday for about 2 weeks you will have a collective of 72,000 states. The trick to good AI is quantity. Pick friends who are smart and quick thinkers and who have a diversity of backgrounds.